Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cuddle Puppy (Day 160)

Yogi was digging up the couch. I told him to stop. Katt told him to stop. He kept digging. I walked over to the couch sat on it and pulled him into my lap. He was startled at first but quickly went Oh Aunty Anne's lap is warm and comfy. I go schleepys here. So he did.

It was soooo funny though. I was just resting one hand on his back and idly patting him. I patted his ear it twitched. I patted it again he shook his head and then put it back down. Then I patted his head and his paws stretched out. I patted his head again and he did it again. For ever four or five times I patted his head he had a massive stretch it was quite funny.

He was in time out again today. He was barking his head off at the window so I made him sit on the couch. He was not impressed. He tried to break out twice but I caught him and made him get back up on the couch. The amusing part was that when I did tell him it was okay he wasn't sure if he was allowed to or not. But that all happened before the cuddles so all is forgiven.

I made him come and lay down in my room for with me as he was heading straight to Katt who's having a nap. He likes to go in there and say "HELLO MUMMY!" which is cute and all but when you're not feeling well it's not always all that appreciated. He's been with me for about 45 mins and now I let him out of the bedroom so I can finish this... where does he go? Straight to her... hopefully just to curl up on the bed and not wake her. 

 Look into my eyes... you are feeling very schleepy.

 Yes, Aunty Anne. Don't bark my head off.
Don't pee on the furniture
Don't chew everything up
RA RA RA I got it.


  1. Yogi you are growing up to be one funny pooch. Have a good weekend.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Aw Yogi, the humans never get it, huh?