Saturday, August 4, 2012

Big Walkies! (Day 167)

I said to Katt if I walk him down to the old dog park will you come and pick us up? (Glad I did he's gone back to being a horror on the leash. Although, it is easier with the shorter one.) So, we talked down there and guess who we met along the way? 
You're bigger than a Great Dane!
(Aunty Taggie is a Great Dane! She from
Denmark and she great. But she no puppy.)
He barked his head off when he first spotted them so I decided to introduce them. About 4 of them ended up coming over to say hello. I think one of them might have had a dog for company once upon a time as he seemed really happy to see Yogi. He was happy for me to give him a pat on the neck too. Yogi wanted nothing more than to go in and play with them. They were so gentle for being so much bigger than him.
He was a bit iffy with the walking on the lead again today but we did a good long walk that took us almost an hour. I think Katt was a bit worried coz I'd said I'd probably ring her in about 20 minutes... but I forgot to factor in we weren't going to be walking straight down a main road. It was nice... although he was sad when he saw the old dog park full of puppies. But, I think that woman was also there and I wasn't going to risk Katt's wrath by taking him in there. It's sad. I liked most of the people at the park but there were some real idiots there.
If your dog is going another dog? Don't just look on going "Oh well." Do something about it. So, that made me sad. It's a pain to have to drive 20 minutes sometimes rather than the hour walk or 5 minute drive. (Or 30 minute walk if I don't take the walking trail). But, there are a couple of idiots and he's been bowled over less at the small dog park. Still, I do miss getting to chat with the cool people! Although, she did tell me if no one was there that I could take him in. So, I'm thinking of maybe just going a couple of hours earlier. He'd be SO good at agility. Damn costs of classes.
Oh, I added another tab to the page. See up there? You get all your amazon needs through Yogi's Amazon Store. I've found some interesting things that I've put up on there.  Some of them made me laugh. I haven't tried them out though - but judging by the stars they seem to be cool. I really want to get Yogi a jacket with pockets.

Oh, had to laugh yesterday. Katt came in looked at Yogi and said "When did you order mail, Mister?" I'd ordered a sample pack of business cards and various other things because I wanted to see what they looked like. I have a couple of postcards I have to send off and then that's the end of my current supply.

Maybe I will do a letterbox drop next time. I did love the whole having a postcard that was a real postcard that people could send. The stickers do look cool though too.

De horses were big. Like REAL big.
I was scared but I had to protect Aunty Anne.

So I barked and grarked and then barked some more.
But, I stood strong coz I had to protect my loved ones.

And den me and the horsey touched noses and we're
really good friends now. I just wish I could have played 
chasey with them. But Aunty Anne wouldn't let me through the fence.



  1. Have a great Saturday Yogi and well done for being so good with the horses.
    Best wishes Molly

    1. Thanks Molly. We hope you had a great Saturday too.

  2. Okay, so horses are a problem in my book.

    Apart from being far too large for what is reasonable and decent, they have these clogs on the end of their legs that look simply dangerous.

    Mind you, I think I prefer them to cows - horses don't stand there staring at you like a cow does.

    I think I might prefer horses if I could actually climb up them - the view from up there must be amazing!


    1. I think we'll have to find some cows now so we can do a comparison!