Saturday, September 8, 2012

Movie Watching Dog (Day 202)

Yogi's curled up quietly on the couch completely absorbed in Happy Feet. It's pretty adorable. He's actually quiet. What a difference from an hour ago when he was barking his head off again.

He's a noisy boy because we have two bloody tom cats (I think) that are out the front challenging one another. I think one also goes under the house here. Anyone got any ideas on how to make them bugger off? One of them seems to come around once a year to pee on the door step. Not the loveliest smell ever. Yogi offers to go out the front and chase them off - but he would just chase them and not look at where he was going. Not a good option when you live on a main road.

Look I actually wrote some words tonight! Isn't that exciting? Took photos with my camera too!

Oh, I also got more Yogi goodies yesterday. The notepad is awesome. Katt loved the car magnet that I got for her too. Plus more post cards!

I have not had treats in eleventy billion years!

I remember the days when I got treats every 10 seconds!

1 comment:

  1. *wonders what one have to do to get the Yogi merchandise*
    Must remember to include the silly thing from Ireland with the Christmas greeting this year.

    Also it is almost a year since I was first introduced to his Yoginess. Must remember to celebrate the actual day.