Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day 289 Comeback!

It's been a few months since I moved out of Katt's but Yogi comes around most Thursday evenings now so I'm going to try and make it to the end of the 365. It's a little hard to continue a daily blog when you no longer live with the dog in question.

I have my own dog now. Flame, who has her own twitter account and a facebook page where you will be able to see Yogi from time to time.

This was a pretty big project to chew and I did enjoy it while I was doing it. Even if Yogi didn't want to pose as much as I wanted him to.

Hi Yogi fans! I'm back. Sorta. I'm a bit blurry
coz I'm out of practice.

I'm having troubles getting the video to link but you should be able to click on the above link to watch some awesome tug of war going on.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hiatus (Aunty Anne's Admission)

I moved out of Katt's a few months ago. She continued the blog for a couple of months and then her computer started having major issues. Meaning she's been unable to even log into the blog.
So, although yesterday would have been the very last post of the 365 days... it won't be. I don't think this journal will be updated daily any more. It's impossible as I don't see Yogi every day and I think Katt is still having issues.

I would one day like to see it finished though. So, next time I see Yogi I will take some photos and update. I'll also check in with Katt to see if there have been any updates with her computer.

Yogi's got a brother now. Katt's daughter Jodie rescued the most gorgeous white husky. He has the paw must go on back of other dogs issue - which is Flame's pet *hate* ... so sadly they haven't been able to play together as yet. Hopefully that will get sorted out because it would be great for those two stamina hounds to chase each other around the park. 

I will be starting a blog for Flamey once I get back from my trip but it won't be a 365 day thing. I'm hoping to get her into agility and herding when I get home. But, this is Yogi's blog so I won't go too much into it.

I'll ask Katt what she wants to do... I started the blog a year ago with the full intention of seeing it through until it's very last post. Unfortunately life gets in the way of our best intentions sometimes. 

Thanks for reading... and hopefully this won't be the last post on 365 Days of Yogi.

~Aunty Anne.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Park Cuddles! (Day 288)

We took Flame and Yogi down the local park as they can't play together if they go to Katt and Yogi's favourite park as Flame's too big to go into the small dog park. So, they could play through the fence but not together. I was hoping Dougal the wolfhound we met would be there but he hasn't been there since when we've been down.

Still, these two had fun.

What do you think? Could we live here?

Let's see. Move a little to the left.

Yeah! Cuddle time!

Bloody Technical Difficulties (AAA) (Day 287)

It's hard to believe we're nearly there.
It's been nice having Katt do the blog for the past couple of months but sometimes I miss doing it.
We had fun the other night. I walked Flame down to Yogi's place, sat down out the back and laughed my arse off.

Those two are hysterical. Katt is still bogged down with technical difficulties. There will still be 365 Days - they just won't be completely consecutive. Having Flame here makes it more difficult for me to just go kidnap Yogi and bring him here so I can keep the photos coming. Although I am tempted to ask Katt if I can kidnap him for a couple of hours just so Flame can run around and around in circles chasing him.

No, it's not in here, Flame!

 I'm telling you it's not in here!

It might be, Yogi. You probably just
had a man look! Let me see!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Missing Pics (again) for Yesterday (Day 286)

Hello everyone, Katt here..Needless to say I yet again missed putting up Yogi's pics on time due to recurring computer issues. I'm HOPING the pics will upload on this (much older/smaller) other system I'm using at the moment.  (Oh, the reason I'm attempting the blog post on THIS system? Because I still can't work out how to solve the Error Msgs I keep getting on mine! One tells me that the Cookie Functionality is turned OFF. (HUHH!!!????) To 'fix' delete cookies & Temp files, log out, close browser, try again!!"
I have tried this several times without success, so I'm now in the process of burning files/folders etc onto Discs, then its reformat time! . (I HOPE that solves the problem..or I'm going to have to get the system fixed..fingers X'd it won't come to that).
I can still log into this page from this slower system, AND I can play a FB game that I couldn't even access (due to Error 3) on MY system. But it took nearly 1/2 and HOUR to get these 5 pics up!
Anyway, this Blog isn't about MY 'Trials & Tribulations"..this IS Yogi's Blog after all, so heere Comes YOGI Da Cavachon!!

I hear someone out there, Mummy..could it be Flame & Auntie Anne visiting us? I'd better check the front door!

                                                   I can't see them coming up the path..

                                      Mummy, are you SURE they said they'd be here 'soon'?
                                  how many hours is 'soon' in dog-time you ask? TOO MANY!!)

                           Oh dear, what's a poor Yogi gonna do? All that time to have to wait.
                                                               OOOH..I KNOW!!>>>

Doing what he does best... (to pass the time till Flame gets here at least )
Sweet Dreams (of Flame, I'm sure) Yogi Da Cavachon.
(PS! Congratulations are in order I see for Auntie Anne & Yogi's foray into the blogosphere where they've both gained some 'recognition' ! Hope I can do you 2 'justice' with my posts..Katt.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Yogi's famous! (Aunty Anne Attack!)

A few months ago when I was still living with Katt and Yogi I did an interview about the blog for Susannah Waters. She sent me the article today and told me I was welcome to put a copy up on Yogi's blog so I'm doing so. Click here to read Pets with profiles
Katt is having so many troubles with her computer at the moment it's not funny. I might drop by on my way back from my appointment and see if I can help her out at all. 
Let me update you on Miss Flame - she is settling in so well now. She's finally realised the car doesn't mean she's going somewhere new and away from me. I am her human and that's all there is to it. But, she's finally okay with letting me out of her sight for a while - when it's her choice. She doesn't like it when it's my choice. But I can't always take her with me. She's been an absolute joy apart from when she's being a rat bag. 
As is Blogger I'm getting told I've used 100% of my photo storage space - and the domain isn't letting me link to stuff through there. Argh what a nightmare. Good old photobucket! 

My fiancé told me all about using
big sticks for dental hygiene.


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Missing Pics (Day 285)