Sunday, March 11, 2012

Morning Greetings (Day 21)

Day 21 today. That's 3 weeks of nonstop Yogi.

I went outside this morning to grab the washing off the line and was greeted by this. 

Am I in trouble? I've been outside
Eleventy Billion Hours... Time to come in now?
(He'd been out 2 at the most)

If I'm good and give you a great pose...
Can I come in then? Pleaaaaaaaseee?

Actually, before we go in let's play Tug-O-War!

He's a tough little fella - and BOY can he jump. I'll have to enlist Katt's help in getting a video of how high he can actually jump. Strong teeth too. He must use Colgate!* He does actually get 'toothbrushes'. Although I'm not sure what brand they are. I do know they are green and look like little bones. I will have to find out and let you know because it did actually do a good job on the doggie breath problem he used to have. (Well, okay, it wasn't a problem for him. It was for me when he'd push his face towards mine and be all HIIII I love you!!)

*Blog not sponsored by Colgate - or anyone. But we're open to talks:D.
YattieDeliKatt would also like to make the announcement Yogi is for sale and he will throw in Pengin and Mr Muffles for nothing*. He would like payment in the way of liver treats. 200 packets ono.

*Yattie and Yogi's mum does not approve of Yattie's announcement. She thinks Yattie just needs to suck it up and learn to get along with the puppy. I'm also not sure how legally binding a contract with a cat would be anyway. So, Long story short as Katt is the alpha no-one is for sale and I'm bound to get in trouble for even passing along Yattie's request to you all.


  1. If I didn't know you'd miss him like crazy and I live too far away I'd offer to buy Yogi LOL.

    Will have to settle for another puppy once I got my move and finances sorted out. :D

    1. Awesome! Get yourself a Cavachon..Yogi would be SOOOOO Happy to have a 'international' puppy friend :) LOL They could be "Paw-print Pals' (Would have said 'pen pals', but Yogi can't use a pen yet) LOL