Thursday, May 10, 2012

I da cutest! (Day 81)

Found out about the dog coats for sale up at K-mart. $12-15!! 
His red one cost $30. So, he now has a water proof one. Katt put it on him to show me - and he refused to let her take it off. I told her it was because he knew I wanted to get him a photo of it for the blog. 

Day 81. Can you believe it? 81 days of Yogi looking adorable. We watched the first YouTube video I took of him the other day. The one from before his first shave. It's a different dog. If it wasn't for those beautiful brown cow eyes. (Yogi's a thief. We've seen him in action. I'm sure there's a poor blind cow running around somewhere who used to have these beautiful eyes.) Not that you can actually see them in the video. We swore he was part Old English sheep dog back then.
He's gone from:

I bringing sexy back for all
 da lady puppies!

:O You're home! I.. I wasn't doing anything.
I sweet and innocent.


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