Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Window Pup (Day 136)

Today has been a horrid day for me with a mega headache taking over most of it. I've got to adjust my pillows again or buy some new ones I think. I switched them around the other week as they were too flat for my liking and now I keep waking up with headaches again :/

Yogi on the other hand was not a happy chappy today. We went out to lunch with my parents and he barked as we left. We had to drive back past after we picked up Dad, about 10 minutes later. He was still barking his head off. But his little face was very excited when we finally got home.

Although, not as excited when it was me who opened the back door. I made him sit and stay before I'd let him come barrelling in. He was shocked I tell you, shocked. He wanted to jump up and greet his Mummy like never before. Mean Aunty Anne making him contain it and come inside in a civilised manner. He didn't jump up at all. I don't like when he jumps because I'm always thinking what if that was a young kid. He could knock a frail person over so easily in his exuberance too. But, he's learning slowly.

I've been so slack I really must work on the heel command with him. It would be so great to have him not trying to rip our shoulders out of our sockets with him. I was surprised yesterday when Katt read out the rates for dog registration. Did you know that you save $$ if your dog is obedience trained? I knew it was cheaper for desexed and microchipped. But, not for trained. You learn something new every day. 

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for:

 There's a beautiful world out there.

I demand you take me there!



  1. Hope you are better and have a good Wednesday!
    Best wishes Molly

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