Saturday, August 11, 2012


Yogi is very excited coz Aunty Karen came all the way from Victoria to see him. It has nothing to do with catching up with me and her other friends and family. It's all about him.

You might notice I made a few changes to the blog. In the midst of it I was horrified to be told that I'd reached the end of my allowance and wouldn't be able to upload more photos. So, I've decided in a few weeks I'll get myself a domain and shift Yogi over there. In the mean time I think I will either start a flickr or fire up my photobucket again and link over. Which will be a pain but worth it to not let the team down. Although, it seems that I still have a little space left. Hmm.

I changed the look of the blog to signify that it's winter and once again Yogi is stuck on the inside staring out at the rain falling. I also added a link to all the photos that have been put up in the blog so far. (If I can figure out how to add extra storage I may do so and then the new ones will appear there too.)

You might have been waiting to find out if Yogi was a winner today. Sadly, Katt was feeling pretty poorly so we didn't end up going. However, there is tomorrow. She has a friend coming down to pick up the kennel that I think Yogi used a total of once for his new dog. 

Now there three people to love me as much as I want.
If this isn't Cavachon heaven I don't know what is!


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  1. Hi Yogi, woofs to you and have fun with your Aunt Karen :)