Sunday, October 7, 2012

Dirty-Pawed Puppy (Day 231)


Well, here we are again.. another lovely day in Adelaide, (SA)..  I decided to water the 'new' garden after potting some more plants; Yogi Da Cavachon, after walking over the already hosed garden bed, decides this is the PERFECT time for him to chuck a "Bishon Blitz', starting off from the garden, through the water stream from the hose..around the yard several times then expected to be allowed to come back inside with me !!

Okies Mummy, I finished running now.. can we go inside plz? (Cos that's where the treats are)

What do you mean "Who's got dirty paws'?
I can't see any dirty paws over that way..
Nup, no dirty paws there either..

What's that? It's ME?? Really??

Oh THOSE dirty paws... I'll clean 'em first.. really


  1. Perfect! That's the close ups I was talking about. I want to see more! Aww poor Yogi. Aunty Anne would have let you inside - and carried you all the way to Mummy's bed to go old Katt! Look at his paws

    1. "Old Katt"?? Mummy won't like that you called her that,.. so I'll give her kisses for you to way you don't mean it like "THAT" hehe

    2. I'm pretty sure that autocorrect did that coz that's not something I would say. I hate autocorrect when it corrects something to what I'm not saying! I think it was meant to be "Look Katt! Look at his paws!!" (as I put him down and let him jump all over you!)

  2. Have a super Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly.