Saturday, October 6, 2012

Double-Up Day Pt 2


Well here we are,  Part 2..but a day ahead of ourselves going by the date stamps. Yogi wasn't all that 'happy' today 'cos everyone was either talking about or watching the Bathurst 1000 (car race) OR getting ready for the Annual Adelaide Zombie Walk~ so Yogi went on a Zombie-Hunt all on his own! (he's such a BRAVE little Cavachon!! ) 
Nothing over here...
hmmm nothing here either. Wait..there are tracks here.... 
and they lead right up tooo...
....this big plant...'dead end' 
Nothing and no 'body' here either Mummy, ...
Time for a sleepy little Cavachon to call it a day on the Big Zombie Hunt..
oh's ok..its just my bro Harley in Costume for the Walk!  Hehehe bet ya all thought I was a Scaredy Yogi Da Cavachon!   (hhmmm  brraaaiiinsss)

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  1. so love it hahahahahahahahahahha