Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sir Yogi, The Pengin-Protector (Day 268)

No More Zorg, for a while at least. Yogi's ear seems to have healed nicely, so he no longer wears the 'bucket'. (He's 1 VERY happy Cavachon :) )
Auntie Anne gave Yogi a BeanBag, he used it for the first time earlier...I got some lovely pics of his antics, as well as Yattie's reaction. Enjoy
(Oh, and please ignore the dates on the pics..stoopid camera can't make up its mind as to which date it should be .. just another Technical Issue to play with)

Is this all for me Mummy?

Hey, this is pretty darn comfy, isn't it Mr Pengin?

I know, I'll wait until he's asleep..then the Pengin-napping can commence...PPPrrrraaahaha

What's that I hear? Yattie Da Evil Katt wants to cat-nap Mr Pengin? I don't think so...

I'll keep ya safe Mr fear..

The deeper the better...

Looks good from here..

Yep looks good from here too..

I'll stay here and protect you Mr. Pengin..and dream of FOILING that Darn Yattie DEK!!