Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Playtime in the morning (Day 17)

Yogi was very happy to see me this morning when I went out the back.

He sleeps in my room and I let him out in the morning. (Yattie the evil cat needs his own space so Yogi's not allowed in Katt's bedroom.) So by the time he's ready to come back in it's been a couple of hours. Was quite funny this morning. I woke up 2 mins before my alarm was due to go off, set it for another 30 mins. I woke up 2 mins before that one and felt a puppy creeping up to give a decided it is time for me to go out NOW nudge - so turned around and looked into one adorable yet disappointed face. He didn't get to nudge me.

But, he was very happy to see me when I went out the back. We played a bit of ball. As in I threw the ball he chased it, decided that's not the toy he wanted to play with and ran back to me with his rope.

Hiii Aunty Anne. Morning! Morning! Morning!

That there in your hand? That's my ball. MY BALL!

Told you it was my ball! But, you can share it.
As long as you promise to throw it for me again! 

Sometimes a tennis ball just isn't big enough.

One very tuckered out but adorable puppy.

It's great having such joy in your life when so many things around you seem to be going wrong. Yogi's a wonderful stress reliever. He does something cute every single day, and even as he grows older I can't see that changing. 

If you are enjoying the blog and finding him cute please do share this with people. The blog has only been up 17 days and he's already had almost 359 visitors. It's great to have so much support.

Hoping to get down to the dog park again today. Where Yogi will ignore us in his duties as Welcoming Committee to anyone who comes into the park - or walks past it. 

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