Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cavachon Castle (Day 51)

Yogi had me in stitches today. I kept pretending that I was coming back inside and then turning around and walking back to where he had his mound of treasure. 

So the 4th time I did it - he sat there gnawing on his bone and watching me with this disinterested look. That is - until I opened the door then he blitzed over like he's never blitzed before wanting to get in before I shut the door. I was too busy laughing at how his expression went from "What-ever, Aunty Anne" to "OH SHIT I'm gonna miss my chance if I don't hustle!"
In honor of reaching 1000 paws walking through I am giving you lots of Yogi today. 
You gotta sit like this when you're grarking.

There's been rumours. Someone is going to
try and take my toys away. I'm making a stronghold.

I'll let you see it if you promise you
won't tell anywhere where it is. 

I got rope to tie anyone who comes in like this

 And then I'll pull the knot complete like this.

I got smaller rope if they little like me.

I gonna use this stick as a tooth pick.
Then when it gets cold later I gonna make a fire.



  1. Aww 1000+ paws have visited. And I have found memories of ropes like yours Yogi, I used to be able to lift Miki from the ground in his, because he refused to let go.

    1. the white (scrap of)rope you can 'just' see is the remains of that Macrame` plantpot holder we had here as his 'first' rope! I gotta admit it's lasted very well, considering the rough times Yogi has given it :)
      (AM gonna have to have a chat with Anne re: Yogi 'playing with matches' to start his fire..I think he's better off starting with the 'rub 2 sticks together' lessons LOL