Friday, May 4, 2012

Help. I'm a Prisoner (Day 75)

The weather has been just terrible again today. This does not make for a happy Yogi. He's been chilling in his chair or at the window. I had to put him into time out today as he started BARKING his head off. He didn't want to stop but when I stood up to walk over near the table he jumped down quick smart. You gotta do what Aunty Anne says straight away otherwise it doesn't lead to pats and cuddles. He was going to pull his I'm not going out side trick on me today. I looked down at him with his head just peeking into the laundry and said "Do you really want to try this one me?" 2 seconds later out he trotted.

Please? Lets go out. I wanan go out.

If you don't take me out I'm gonna
bark and bark and bark and bark and bark.

Sigh. Fine. I won't bark and bark.
I'll just sook and sook. That'll teach you.



  1. Oh poor Yogi. We hope you get to go outside soon. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

    1. He went to the doggie park today so he's super happy. But, now he's been home for 8 hours he's claiming that he never gets to go anywhere and we should take him to the dog park now. Well, actually now he's sleeping on the office chair. When he wakes up he'll be claiming that.