Monday, May 14, 2012

Inside Please! (Day 85)

I had to run Dad down the doctors this morning.Yogi looked at me through sleepy eyes as I walked past Katt's bedroom. He wanted to make the effort but didn't think it would be worth it I could tell.

I have finally sourced the where the google 400 problem was coming from. I think. I just have to go back and fix up a bit of coding everywhere it's turning up. *sigh* Exactly how I wanted to spend my Monday evening. Oh never mind. It didn't fix it.

Once again, he's an unhappy puppy. It's just not been good weatherwise of late. Dark and dreary. Reminds us all that winter is coming. It's only 5 and it will be pitch black in an hour. I remember the first time I went to Japan. We arrived at the high school to meet our home hosts. It was 4pm and it was pitch black. I felt as if the apocolypse had come or something. Usually 6 is the earliest it gets dark around here. Yogi is more difficult to see in the dark than you would think.

If I could bring my ball and my bone
inside I would be the happiest puppy
who has ever been! Let us in please!

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