Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pulling on the Lead (Day 101)

I'm pulling on the lead, just pulling on the lead. What a wonderful feeling I'm going to the park again. 
I borrowed a DVD from the library that's about training dogs. Hopefully we'll be able to pick up a few tips on that. He's a horror for pulling on the lead. 

We managed to fit the dog park in for just under an hour in my busy schedule. I looked at the time and went well I have an hour. He'll be happy. He was.
Oh, I was chewing on my wrap for dinner. Yogi sits on the left side of me looking up at me with those beseeching brown eyes of his. I look at him and tell him he's got no chance. So what does he do? Walks to the *other* side of me and looks up at me. 

I a happy Yogi Bear. We beened to the park!

Dis is my car. The one that took me
to the park and not you. Nyah Nyah.


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