Monday, May 7, 2012

What's that? (Day 78)

Yogi has been exceptionally cute today. He's a real joy to work with at some times. I was trying to get a photo of him shaking paws but I think I'll have to wait till Katt is available as it's a little difficult to pull it off while shaking his paws and trying to keep the phone steady to take the photo.

He's sitting at the window now looking at me every single time I move. I swear that dog can read my mind sometimes. It's rather scary. I'll think about picking up my keys and heading out while he's sound asleep on Katt's bed and within seconds he's there next to me looking up with those big brown eyes. Take me with you Aunty Anne. 

I said to Katt I'd take him with me in about 30 mins when I go to pick up my brother. He's dogging (dogging....get it... hehe) my every step. Afraid that I'll forget what I said and go without him.
Can't pay attention. Something is happening
over there. What did you say again?

Will you look at the size of that one!


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