Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Cavachon can never have too many friends. (Day 114)

First of all we have to start off with many many thanks to Oskar and Pam of Pet Blogs United for featuring Yogi. We look forward to becoming good friends with all of you. In fact, to celebrate this auspicious day Yogi jumped into his tux again. (Thanks again Shirl's Wedding Supplies and Gifts for making Yogi Da Cavachon look so handsome. They have bows too so the ladies don't miss out.) Although we did leave his collar on today so you can see how he looks with costume jewellery. See? Katt is a responsible dog owner. That red tag is his registration disc. He also has a D tattooed on the inside as his ear so everyone will know he's a Dog. (Well that and he's a desexed dog.)

I had to laugh today. Yogi is loving the dummy that I got him. Pacifier for all you non Aussies. He throws it up in the air it bounces so he races to catch it so and so forth. It's pretty damn funny. He doesn't need anyone to play with him then. 

He's up at the window a bit put out that it's been looking like rain all day. He's had all 3 coats on today though so he's happy. He didn't like it when I took his red one off. But, we wanted to welcome everyone to the blog in a more formal way and say we hope that you enjoy hanging out with us here. 

Then Katt took that off - I had to stop her the first time as the photos inside were far too dark. So Yogi and I went outside where he proceeded to try and look every which way but at me. Still, I haven't gotten this far without learning how to be quick about it. I'm looking forward to getting my new camera in a few weeks. The iphone is handy but it will be nice to be able to make short films again. Perhaps one or two staring Yogi?
I can't. I'm shy! There's so many new people.

 Hmm. You're right. More people means...
more treats! Just like at the park!

Hi new puppies, people and other
animalals! All donations of treats are welcome!
It's very nice to meet you. I'm Yogi Da Cavachon
and dis is my blog. I hope you'll enjoy tagging along
on my epic journey as much as I'll love having you here.



  1. Love it Yogi , the head turn away from the camera trick , always gets a treat when I do it which all the time!
    Best wishes Molly

    1. Hey Treats! Good idea... I'll tell Aunty Anne to stop making weird noises and just give me treats. Speaking of which I have to tell her that we need to work on roll over again. I have high 5 down now.

  2. You look adorable in your tux, Yogi!! :) Definitely brings out the color of your furs!

    A dummy? Really? that is a fantastic word for pacifier!!

    Shelle, Milo, Dixie and Newby

    1. Yep. A dummy! Thank you. Aunty Shirl said it would suit me. I don't like taking it off. But Mummy makes me.

  3. Yogi is so cute! Kobe loves reading about his adventures :)

    -Eva and Kobe

    1. Thank you. We look forward to reading about Kobe's too:D

  4. Hey Yogi! Saw you on Peg Blogs United! I have another furriend Down Under, Daisy! I'm in India. We enjoyed looking at your photos. Luv the tux!

    1. Wow! Aunty Anne's parents have a dog called Daisy. I don't think she has a blog though.
      I'm glad you liked the tux.