Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sweepy Boy (Day 118)

Yogi cracked me up today. I went outside, he bolted across the house to get outside with me. Once out there he wanted nothing but his stinky old bone. Didn't want to pay attention to me at all. Until I was heading back inside then he wanted to be inside too.

I told him no he'd been ignoring me he could stay out with his bone. I walked into the lounge room, realised I'd forgotten what I'd gone out for so went back out there. Yogi's sitting on the step in front of the door. He lets me out and goes straight back to his bone. It was quite funny. If you're not here I want to be with you. If you're here then I want my bone and don't care what you're doing.

Yogi and I have been doing the hula. Katt gets the better view as she can't see my hands helping him do the hula. It just looks like he's doing it himself. Going to be working on heel tomorrow. Going to take time but it will be so great when we can get him walking on a loose leash. 

*Yawn* I finished the sweeping, Mummy.

Pffffttt. It is NOT too old and smelly.
My stinky old bone is *just right*.

I wonder if Aunty Anne is such a good
magician that she can pull a treat out from
my lovely wispy silky ears. I can already taste it!



  1. Oh Yogi did your Aunty Anne magic a treat from behind your ear? Have a lovely weekend all of you!
    Best wishes Molly

    1. She's very clever... I thought she was just giving me a scratch but she was tricking me so she could take a photo! I wasn't in a look at the camera mood yesterday. It's okay though. She'll give me a treat later I know she will!

  2. Thats right Yogi, tell em, there, s nothing as good as and pld bone you been working on, beside you need energy after pushing that broom around

    Susie and Sidebite

    1. How do you pups push the broom around? Do you use your paws or your teeth? It's really tiring! But, I get paid in pengin throws and treats so it's worth it.

  3. Oh Yogi, if you could have had your stinky old bone inside with your mum it would have been perfect! Funny how they don't like stinky bones inside isn't it? No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

    1. It would be so perfect. I've only tried twice. Aunty Anne was telling me about her dog who lives at her parents. She's called Zilla. Well, her real name is Daisy but Aunty Anne calls her Daizilla coz she's big and her tail is a lethal weapon. She used to try and bring her bone in through the doggie door... but it wouldn't fit so she'd have to keep trying. Aunty Anne was laughing when she was telling Mummy about this story.

      I don't know how to use the doggie door at Granny and Granddads. Zilla goes in or out and I just stare at her while she's telling me to hurry up and come through. I hope I learn one day! Granny won't let them teach me because sometimes I don't like to go outside for peepee. It's cold out there!