Monday, June 4, 2012

They lefted me! (Day 106)

Katt and I both had stuff going on today. So Yogi got left out the back. I let him in when I got home and he followed me up to the bedroom asking me why I wasn't excited to see him like I normally am. (The test I'd had at the docs had made me pretty violently ill.) He ended up jumping up on the bed with me and resting his head on my leg. It was very cute and loving.

Katt got home (Thank GOD for amazing neighbours who can help you out in a bind. We love you Sarah.) and Yogi ran to jump on the bed with her. Both of us were out of it for a few hours. I got up and walked past Katt's room to see Yogi resting his head on her hip. That was all I could see of him.

He didn't want to let me take any photos today. I have about 20 of him not looking at me at all. As soon as he saw the camera it wasn't love me! LOVE ME! As it had been just before I snatched it up to take a couple of shots. 

Days like today I wish I could just skip a day. But, I made a commitment. And so 365 days of Yogi there will be. 

 No. No photo for you!

What? If I pose Mummy will give me treats?
Do you promise?


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