Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cavachon Noir (Day 161)

Did the photography course today. It was really interesting. Inspired me to do a bit more. I took along a photo of Yogi and everyone went AWWWW when it came up so that was nice. I learnt a bit and I'm also more confused than I have been with the camera.
I'm going to have to watch some youtube tutorials I think. And read the instruction manual like I've been saying.
Yogi got himself into big trouble today. He was curled up outside in his little hidey hole when I went looking for him. When Mummy tells you to stop barking it doesn't mean stop long enough for her to calm down and then start up again. It means stop barking. Turns out that if Mummy gets annoyed then Yogi ends up outside in the cold.
Dis my spot of secret shame. 

 I silent now. 'Coz I in black and white.


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