Friday, July 27, 2012

MY Bed (Day 159)

Hairspray was great. We really enjoyed the performance - although I can't say I was a fan of getting home at almost 1am. I was meant to get up and meet Sarah in the morning for our walk. Yogi's almost at the stage where he can come with us. One day soon he'll come out and look at me and I'll say okay and off he will trot. He will love it. 

Dad's old dog club meets at 730 am up at the rose garden. Sarah and I generally get home at 715. It's less than a 15 minute walk up to that park. I should start taking him but that park isn't fenced and someone can't be trusted to come when he's called and doesn't feel like it. 

I'm doing a free photography course on Sunday so I look forward to learning more. I'm so slack I still haven't looked at the instruction book. A friend lent me 50 Shades of Grey today. I told her she could have it back in a couple of days so I think I might go open that up in a few minutes while I'm waiting for these to upload.

Yogi will be sad. I've got to take Uncle Roni home tonight as Katt's car is still in the shop and Uncle Grumpi's been drinking. His harness clip is in Katt's car so even if I really wanted to I wouldn't be taking him. I prefer it when you know that he's buckled in. The idea of not wearing a seat belt is just so foreign to us now. I mean people seriously come up with the excuse "It will wrinkle my clothing"??? We get fined here if we don't wear one.

Yogi showed Katt how impressed he was with us going out last night and leaving him in. He didn't chew anything up no. He went and peed on her bed again. I'm so glad he sleeps in her room now :D

 For some reason Mummy prefers that I do this
outside and not on her bed.

 Don't you think that I should be allowed to pee
on her bed? I mean it's my bed too! I sleep there!

 What do you mean you don't think peeing on 
Mummy's bed is a good idea? I'm cute! 
I can get away with anything!

I made a slideshow of Yogi blitzing. Im just sad I couldn't speed up the photos to get the idea of how fast he was going.
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  1. Glad you enjoyed Hairspray and good luck with the photography class.
    Best wishes Molly