Friday, July 6, 2012

Smell The Roses (Day 138)

Someone guilted Katt into taking Yogi to the park today by telling him that Mummy said that when it was a nice day he could go to the park. *Whistles innocently*. He was so happy. Running back and forth. Stealing the ball off the Shitzu... not giving it back. Chasing the little pocket rocket of a Silky Terrier. 

We got home and Roni called for Katt to come pick him up. (Gotta love someone who knows they're going to be in no fit state to drive so gets their mate to come get them!) I went down the library coz one of my books was in. Got home and went out the back to the make the most of the last bit of sunshine. I took Yogi out there with me. He ran around the yard for a while, hopped on the table, jumped back down, jumped back up, climbed into my lap for a cuddle, back on table, back on lap. I told him just hang on a few more minutes once I finish the book we can go back inside. 

I hear Katt calling out "YOGI!!! YOGI!!!" and I bolted to my feet as he leaped off the table to run to her. I knew she'd lock me out if I didn't get there before she shut the door. I turned the corner and she looked at me. "Oh, there you are!" I think it was good for Yogi to spend a good 30 mins out there.

Yeah, he didn't want to have his photo taken today. That's why I'm blathering on. I'm excited. I will buy my camera next week and then there is a free photography course at the library that I'll be signing up for. I like free courses:D

*Sniff* *Sniff* No Voice - err I mean

What do you mean the chair is for sitting on,
not the table? The chair is for climbing up
onto the table! It's the perfect height for it!



  1. Ha ha Yogi that is what I do on the garden furniture and then sun worship on the table.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. hawooo wooo! snoozing on the patio table is the best! Play bows,