Sunday, July 8, 2012

WHAT??? (Day 140)

Well, Yogi had a bit of an altercation with Mummy today. He wanted to run after the cat when she was visiting a friend and she didn't want to. So poor Katt ended arse up grass stains and all on her elbows. Not good when she's got a bung shoulder:(

Then... someone tried to run her off the road. She's okay was just shaken up a bit. Yogi was quiet after that. Sounds like he was shaken too. Still, everyone is home and safe now. That's the important thing. But I have never seen Yogi so subdued as when he walked back in the door when they got back. But he's happy now. 

So, I'm registered and desexed right?

 What does desexed mean?



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  1. Yogi , tutt ,tutt poor mummy but we too do the cat thing.
    Best wishes Molly