Friday, August 3, 2012

No Treat? No heel! (Day 166)

Decided to walk up to my parents today and took Yogi with me so he could get out and stretch his legs. I decided I couldn't be bother taking treats with me as my pockets were already full of other things. Big mistake. He pretended he couldn't remember how to heel. (Which I admit is my fault. I should be taking him out every day so he gets used to it and gets to the point where he doesn't need the treat to be good.)

He was so happy to see Zill. He was good too. I was in my parent's bedroom talking to Mum and he was standing in the doorway. He took a couple of steps in so I told him "out" and pointed. He took 2 steps backwards and looked at me... and I said "out" again he took two more steps and sat down. He was waiting for me to tell him it was okay. I mean after all Aunty Zill got to go in there. 

But, I wonder if a part of him remembers when he wasn't allowed in Mummy's room and only slept on my bed. Katt loves getting hemmed in by her two boys who will either force her up or force her to stay in bed. I don't miss the scratching, I don't miss the slurping as he preens himself... but I do miss having a warm presence there when I wake up from a nightmare. I've only just started having them again. Not fun. 
Of course, he was great on the walk home when I'd stolen some of Zill's treats and was going "Yooogggiii... you want this? Heel!" and he was a meek little lamb. Mum laughed her arse off when I showed her how he plays dead to 'bang.'

I need a dog of my own. But, that's not to be for a little while longer. Katt's off to visit her cronies over the border soon so it'll just be me and the boys. It's going to be interesting to see how Yattie reacts to his slave being gone. It was quite funny the other day. Katt had gone to bed and Yattie started scratching at the door in that "GET ME MY GRASS" tone of voice. So, I got up opened the door and went there you go. You can see out now and sat back down. (He's an inside kitty.) He was not impressed. 

Yogi's curled up on his chair at the moment. He managed to trick Katt into thinking he'd taken his meds before. I picked it up opened his mouth, shoved it down there and made sure he swallowed - not in a nasty way. But, I think he was afraid of what would happen if he didn't do it. Poor thing is allergic to a lot of stuff so this helps with it. 

 Dis is my good side isn't it?

I tuckered out. I got two walks AND to run around
a really big yard. Plus Aunty Anne threw a stick which
I chased and then sat down to chew on. I'm good like that.


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  1. Yellow is so your colour Yogi. Have a great Friday.
    Best wishes Molly