Saturday, August 25, 2012

Reflective Cavachon (Day 188)

Katt and I have been busy laughing our arses off at poor little Yogi Bear. 

He's been very earnest in his warning off the dog in the display cabinet. He's going up to his reflection and barking. I think he's quite shocked when the other dog barks back at him. Reminds me of that dog with the bone who saw another dog in the river with a bone and decided he wanted two bones. He opened his mouth to grab the other one and lost both.

Poor Yogi. I went over there and patted the dog in the reflection. You should have seen the look I go. "Aren't I a good boy too Aunty Anne? Don't you love me too?" Aww the poor thing. 

In other news... I seem to have gotten the blog working so YAY. This is now at Well, partly. I still have to work out how I'm getting into wordpress to set up the front page. Still, one step at a time. Such a relief after what has been happening to me today.

I accidentally ordered 3 pairs of glasses. The website said it hadn't worked and then I got 3 emails from paypal saying my payment had gone through. I'm so glad I was only paying the $12 in postage as I was taking advantage of a free deal going on.

I wonder why he looks like me.


It's not funny! There's a dog in the cabinet!

I wonder if he's my long lost brother.


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