Thursday, August 9, 2012

Stop and Smell Da Roses (Day 172)

You just watch me forget that Day 182 is the halfway mark. Aww that's so sweet my friend Candy just messaged to tell me that she was sad I hadn't put the blog up as she looks forward to getting up and reading it in the morning. Hi Candy!

I had a busy day today so I was out for the majority of it. Yogi was following me everywhere when I got home. So you know what that means! Yes, he was co-operative Yogi. He came around to my parents place for dinner. My brother was kind enough to invite us over for the Chinese they were having. So, Aunty Zill got lots and lots and lots of kisses.

I got a photo of Yogi going number twos. He gave me such a look as a snapped the pic. But don't worry, I'm not sharing that online. I'm getting it blown up as a poster for Katt to hang on the wall:D 

Yattie and Yogi are chasing each other up and down the hallway at the moment. It's so good to see them getting along now. Katt loves getting woken up by them tag teaming to make her get out of bed.
Anyway with no further adieu some Yogi photos for you to Awww over.

I gonna pick the best smelling one for Mummy.

Please Aunty Anne, let a cold poor starving
Cavachon inside. I promise you won't regret it.

Cmon. I know all the right moves. You let me in
and you can scratch and pat me all night long!

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