Saturday, September 1, 2012

Balls At the Park (Day 195)

Poor Katt had to get up today and chase after Yogi twice to get the ball that he'd stolen from the Shitzu twice. She asked the guy where he'd gotten it as it was solid rubber and she thought that was why Yogi wouldn't play with his own tennis ball. She wasn't too impressed with me when I pointed out that he doesn't care what kind of ball it is. If someone else is playing with it he wants it.

She's going to have to teach him to share. However, he astounded me today. He actually *did* come when she called him. I was stunned. (Normally he'll come over when he damn well feels like it.)

It was a beautiful day today and spring has definitely sprung in Adelaide. Yogi will be getting a lot more outings because of it I'm sure. Katt's promised to take him to the park tomorrow so it will be good for them to get out into the sunshine. I have other plans so I'll have to skip that visit. Yogi will be happy though with the weather hopefully going so nice he'll be able to visit there a lot for the next few months until winter rolls around again.

I know I shouldn't take other puppies balls.

But they drop them out of their mouths so they
obviously don't want them anymore!


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