Saturday, September 22, 2012


I do not believe this... stuff that worked yesterday? Won't work today. Even without me touching and adjusting anything.

I am not impressed. I've put a ticket in to see if tech support can help me... here's hoping.

I'm so frustrated at the moment. Yesterday 1/4 of the people who tried could get to the blog from the link - the rest of them couldn't. There has to be something weird wrong for it to work for some but not for all. Now, today it doesn't work for me at all. Sigh.

Frustrating! Also it was Katt's birthday today. She said she had a really great day. She was surrounded by friends and family all day and night. The bbq was tasty too. Grumpi did a great job. He almost cameoed in today as he wanted his dragon ring to star with Yogi. Sadly he was patting him at the time and either Yogi or the ring was blurred in all the shots:(

I'm really worried Aunty Anne won't be able to fix my site!

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