Monday, October 29, 2012

Backyard Antics (Day 253)

 My brother was out the back playing with Yogi. Every time I go out I ask whoever's home to make sure Yogi knows someone is home. For some reason if he knows someone is home he won't start up with the incessant barking. Sarah always knows when we're away because Yogi will be barking nonstop. 

He doesn't have the luxury of no neighbours on one side here. So, he can't bark his head off as much as he wants. 

Poor Zill today:( Yogi brought her in. I'm sure the conversation went something like this.

Z: I'm hungry.
Y: Come have my food! I've got lots.
Z: My humans only feed me twice a day.
Y: Come have my food! It's there ALLLLLL day for me. There's plenty! Aunty Anne filled up my bucket last night.
Z: Anne keeps chasing me out.
Y: I'll go with you so that she knows it's okay!
Z: Let's roll! 

I turn around to see both Yogi AND Zilla in here. Zill's 13 - she is stumbling a bit and the stairs here are not made for older puppies. I stand up point and say "out". Yogi looks at me... "but I said she could come in..." "Out!" They both turn around... Zilla scents the food. "I'll just have a little snack before I go... damn it. Okay Okay I'm going I'm going. OH BUGGER!!!!" She falls off the bottom step and twists herself:( I jump down and help her to pull herself over so she can get up... I'm following her going "Are you okay? Are you okay?" She's just walking off... "Shuddup. NOTHING happened. NOTHING at all." I followed her the whole way into the house patting her and checking her over. She stops in the kitchen and looks at me. "Okay, it happened. Food will make it all better! Please give me food." "Foods what got you into this mess in the first place!" "I'm a spandor. Half Cocker Spaniel ... and half bottomless pit."

It's so hard to see the tiny puppy I carried out to Mum and Dad's car almost 14 years ago stumble. There is no way I could pick her up either:( 

Still, Yogi has adjusted well and loves his Aunty JillJill. (Poor Daisy. My brother reckons that all the words she should know are taking up with all the different nicknames she has. Her real name is Daisy.. I call her Daizilla... not evening zilla or night zilla but daaaaaaaiizilla! Of course that gets shortened to Jill or Zill... JillJill or ZillZill. Puppy girl dog. Dayz.) But, I managed to get some lovely shots of them tonight. 

Another couple of nights and I'll lose da bear as he goes back to his Mummy and forgets all about the adventures he had with his Aunty Anne. I have to thank Katt once again for telling me I'm allowed to have him for overnight visits sometimes. She didn't want to see me go through what I went with my ex and the dog he ripped from me. Still, I have Yogi and Zill who could ask for any more?

What's that? Mummy said 3 more ALL night sleeps?

Let's show Mummy what we learned...

You put your left paw in...

Kisses for Aunty Zill!

It not food Aunty Zill. It my BALLY on a ROPEY!

Chew Chew. Heh. Heh. I trickeded her! It IS chewy like food!

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