Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bribing works a treat (Day 251)

Yogi had a busy day today. I took him to the park where he enticed an ex racing greyhound to chase him. He kept ahead the whole time so I'm not sure if he was faster or if the greyhound was just letting him stay ahead. Beautiful dog with a beautiful temperament.

I told him if he let me take photos today he could have a treat. One of the photos is of him getting the treat:D He was upset that 50 more weren't forthcoming. He's going to be so happy when Katt gets home as he just paws her and she gives him treats... wait that's Yattie Da Evil Cat... no wait Yogi's learned that trick too. I watched her a few times they paw she just goes on auto pilot and then 'claims' that she only gives it to them when she wants to. Uh huh...

Dropped by their quickly today to drop off more food for Yattie and bumped into Sarah. She's got her shoulder operation coming up:( Poor thing. I miss having such awesome neighbours.

Yogi's now curled up on the couch. Little does he know it's an early start tomorrow as Dad was to show off Yogi to his old dog club. There was a huge group of them that used to meet up in the mornings over at the park just across the road. He's really looking forward to it. Yogi is such a smart and beautiful dog. He'd do wonders at agility.

 So, if I'm cute and look at the camera I get a treat?

I'm going to have to think hard about this.



  1. awww Yogi, you look sooo sweet..I miss you soooooooooo much, but I'll be home in 7 more sleeps!!!

    1. Ok Mummy! I had 5 sleeps now so I see you about 4pm today? YAAAAY!!!

  2. NOOOOOOOnononononono....6 more NIGHT sleeps..silly puppy LOL
    oh..and tell Auntie Anne that Dawn & Teebie come home tomorrow arvo :)
    luv & miss u Yogi (and YOU TOO Auntie Anne ) :)

    1. Ohhh well Aunty Anne wakes me up 2 or 3 times in the night soooo... you'll be home Wednesday YAY!

  3. Noooo Yogi..ya gotta think 'human''s still 4 more 'all-night sleeps' then I'll be home with my Yogi-puppy Yaay :)