Saturday, October 6, 2012

Double-Up Day (Day 229-230)

With Auntie Anne moving out yesterday, and the BBQ/Gathering we had here last night, it was too difficult to do the posting, so today you all get a 'special' treat..TWO (2) days of pics :) I've put 'yesterday's' pics up, (below); and yes, I do know the 'date stamp' is today's date, that's cos I uploaded these pics today although they WERE taken last night!
The worst part about having a party? Waiting for all the guests to arrive!

Ho hum .. still waiting, waiting, waiting...

What's that Shmertl? Someone's here??

Aww're hearing things..there's no one out there :(
For all of you who don't know - let me introduce my 'wet-weather' bro/sis (I'm not sure which)..Shmertl Da Turtle (who I call "Yertl" hehe) 

PART 2 Imminent!! Stay tuned....

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