Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Just feed me Treats and change my name to Scooby- (Day 234)


Today the weather has been absolutely minute it's sunny, then blowing a it's raining again.  Needless to say Yogi Da Cavachon was NOT amused when I sent him out into the back yard for a 'Nature-call".  I swear he agreed he'd get Scooby Snacks for (as many as he wanted) treats when he came back in. Big Sad Yogi when he found out otherwise LOL

Hey Mummy..I here now..where's my Scooby Snacks Plz?


Oops nearly missed a piece..can't waste any!

See Mummy?  All gone!!

 Aww what do you mean I have to wait till tomorrow for more!? Really? 



  1. Awww. How sweet. Yogi is sucha pretty doggie. Doing a great Job with the blog Katt. =)

    1. thank you VERY much :) I'm really enjoying sharing Yogi's antics. :)