Sunday, October 21, 2012

Last night home (Day 245)

Well, tonight is my last night here with Yogi for another week (at least).  Again the little darling was unco-operative (nothing new there).  I'm sure Auntie Anne will have some fun with Yogi over this next week... I'm positive he knows he's going back to 'Zilla's house! :)

Is it true Mummy? Are you leaving me again?

Awww it IS true :(  I don't want you to go Mummy....

What's that you say Mummy?  I'm going to visit Auntie Anne and Zill-Zill? Oh in that case then...don't be gone too long !  (I can only keep Auntie Anne 'occupied' for so long..well, yeah, there IS this blog...) hehe

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