Monday, October 8, 2012

Poser? NOT Yogi (Day 232)

Today we had a 'Special Request' from Auntie Anne for a close-up of our 'little angel'!  Do you think Yogi would co-operate?  See for yourself below ...

I'm all ready for my Close-up Mummy..Shutters awaay! :)

Huh? What's that you say Mummy?" It's too close?? Try again??
*grumble grumble* ONLY 'cos it's for Auntie Anne!!

What do you mean 'move back? I'm gonna go THIS way!

And around..and around..wheeee

Okies...Nearly back to my 'spot'..

Ooooh  Think I spinned around too fast..


focus...Focus...Here we go, and "shoot when ready Mummy'

TAH DAH!!  I bet Auntie Anne is gonna LUV this one Mummy :)

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