Sunday, October 14, 2012

Yogi Da Cavachon aka Yogi Da Flash. (Day 237)


Hello everyone, well today has been 'interesting'. Yogi was his usual "I'm cute in any pose" self!   He wasn't allowed out the back by himself today. as the fence is only partly fixed.  I've got to be honest here though...I definitely think his indoor blitzes are funnier than his outdoor ones. (For those of you who don't know what a 'Blitz''s where Yogi runs flat out as fast as possible all around the yard (or indoors) for several minutes!   It's quite amazing watching him do this..he's very capable of dodging MOST obstacles :) He gets this Blitzing Trait from his Mother, a Bishon)  Trouble say something, or laugh too much, he stops..looks at you, decides whether he cares or not..(usually not), and either continues to blitz or decides that he's offended by the laughing and gets all unco-operative in the picture-posing department! It seems like his favourite pose is the "Curled-Up-So-I-Must-Be-Sleeping-Again" Pose.

"Say what? You want to film me Blitzing for my fans? Oh okay..Ready?.... Well didja get it or not?

What do you mean "I was too fast to film"?! Is that why I'm *yawn* Sooo schleepy ?
Well, this is a right royal state-of-affairs'..Give me a minit to get my breath back, then we'll see who gets the 'last laugh'!!!

"Just went blitzing all around the Yard,.. Whoever said Blitzing wasn't very hard??" *puff puff* ZZZzzzzzz

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