Thursday, October 4, 2012

Yogi prefers Yattie's toys (Day 227)


Once again I've had a 'not home for long' kind of day, so my apologies for todays' post being 'late'.  (well, technically there is somewhere in the world where it's still Wednesday 3rd October ! )
When I finally got home for the night, (which was not that long ago) Yogi finally reminded me I hadn't done the post!  He carried on a treat barking at the window (which was shuttered), until I finally got up to close the curtain to block his reflection he decides he's going to get me to play with him after all. 
How did he do this you may ask? Well, the answer to that is - Yogi has decided that Yatala Da Evil Cats' rain-bow 'mouse-on-a-string' toy makes a PERFECT tug-of-war 'rope'.
  The problem however, is the length of WOOL isn't quite as tough as the 'rope' he was pretending it to be! 

As you can see, he didn't really want the handle part..just the mouse!

"I'm gonna loves it, and cuddles it, cos it's ALLL mine now!"
"oh, I do believe it moved.."mousey-5 is alive!" 

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  1. G'Day Lee, I'm visiting from BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday blog hop. What a sweetie you are Yogi - I hope you and your Mum have a great day celebrating World Animal Day on October 4th :) Blessings, Kerrie