Friday, November 23, 2012

After The Vet..( Day 277)

Yogi was at the Vets' from 8:30am this morning. He has had to go under anaesthetic to have his ears checked, cleaned and medicated.  He has a rather nasty Yeast Infection in his Right ear..and also a mild inflammation of his Left ear.  It seems Yogi suffers from these infections as Cocker Spaniels due..a bit of moisture causes the Yeast bloom..nasty!  As a result of the anaesthetic he has been rather quiet, so I have left him alone for the most part.
He finally perked up a bit not too long ago..and below are the results of some quick 'camera-reflexes' .

Hey Mummy..can we just take these 3 for today? today?

I'll feel a lot better tomorrow..really..

Please tell ALL my Yogi-fans that I'll be better tomorrow.

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