Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cat-door too small?? NAAAH!! (Day 281)

A few times when I've had to go out ,I've left Yogi at home, inside..I've left the cat-door open so Yattie (Da Evil Cat) can come and go as he pleases..I've wondered a couple of times how Yogi has managed to get outside, when I know I've left him INside! 
Well, due to 'good timing'..I've managed to 'solve the mystery'!  Yogi was inside with me, he heard a noise outside..he ran for the back door...I followed him, prepared to open the door to let him out.  However, when I got to the laundry..NO SIGN of Yogi!! The ONLY way he could disappear like that is if he went out the cat-door!  I raced back to get the camera, praying he'd stay outside long enough for me to get 'set up', which he did!  I still couldn't believe that my 16" high, 21" long Cavachon could get through this 7"x5 1/2" square hole in the wall...

...until I managed to capture the below video!!

Yattie Da Evil Cat's cat-door, (7" X 5 1/2" with my hand as a 'relative size indicator'.

I know cats are pretty flexible and able to get into/through small spaces...but what Yogi did here totally surprised me!!


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