Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Flame-ing Visit Part 2 (Day 274)

Well here we are again, this time with more pics/videos of Yogi and Flame on their play-date here yesterday....ENJOY!!

Hello Auntie Anne, Hi Flame...

Ya know, I bet if we asked nicely, you'd be allowed to take your leash off
Wanna wrestle?  (Just a little bit tho..don't want to hurt your stitches)
Oooh..get off me Flame..you're squishin' my tummy!
hehehe  revenge!
Phew..who knew that wrestling could be soooo hard
Flame & me sharing a 'after-wrestle-snack'
What's that Auntie Anne?  You've got a treat in your hand??
Aww, you was just trickin'..
(Notice the 'share-ratio' of the bones??)


Flame couldn't decide which one she wanted..
And you'd never guess that this is Yogi Da Cavachon AFTER his g/f Flame went home again

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