Friday, November 16, 2012

Hamper Day (Day 270 Part 2)

Hi all. Well, here we are promised!
We woke up to some great news this morning...Yogi's Hamper had arrived!! :) 
 THANK YOU VERY MUCH Aussie Pooch Mobile for this wonderful hamper of Doggie Delites :)

Look at all these GOODIES!!  Whoohoo..Aussie Pooch Mobile are AWESOME!! :)
Oooh do you think Auntie Anne will notice that she's in this pic too? :)
Ya know, this came at a really good time, cos now I can share some of these goodies with my 'new' g/f  Flame! I think she's gonna LOVE the Puppy Treats, (I gave her those cos I'm not a Puppy anymore..I nearly 2!!!  Lets see..what IS in here...
Can you make a list of the goodies so all my fans can 'share the happy' with me plz..??
Okay Yogi, lets' see what we've got here:
1 Metal food/water bowl,
a water bottle,
a pen,
a keyring,
a Leather Leash,
a water-bottle cooler,
 4 puppy treat packs,
a 900g bag of "herb' doggie bones,
a Frizbee, (a special Dog one, so it lasts longer),
 a Breath Freshener Spray, 
a chewtoy Doggie Bone,
and a rope Doggie Ball (that we gave to Flame, along with 1/2 the Herb bones :)  
Plus the newsletter & some advertising brochures (with discounts etc)
There you go Yogi,..all done.
All in all, a lovely 'reward' for being just SOOO Cute!
 Hey Mummy, can we enter a pic of Flame, so she can win a Hamper too? (Cos she's just the cutest g/f I've had!!)
Yes, ok Yogi..we'll do that very soon .


  1. *cough* Someone besides APM helped Yogi in winning this hamper too! She deserves recognition! *pats self on back* I'm awesome!

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