Monday, November 12, 2012

The Wriggle-Worm Photo-shoot! (Day 265)

Today, (well technically 'yesterday')  I had my daughter Jodie assist with Yogi's photo's, and he was quite the wriggle-worm every time he saw the camera pointed his way..but with a bit of perseverance (and a LOT of 'bribing')we finally managed to get a 'nice' (although a bit glarey) pic of his sweet 'smile' :)

Mummy, if you move just a little more this way, I can see if Yattie's food bowl needs empt..I mean, filling..hehehe

 I know you want me to look up Mummy, so I looking down! I like this game :)
Hhhmm, methinks they are trying to trick me with treats....
AAggh..I've got to fight this feeling of wanting to look at the camera..I can do it..I can do it..
Aww shucks, who am I kidding here...I'll do most anything for Treats :)  "SCOOBY-SNACKS" *click*  hehehe

You have mine and Yogi's sincere apologies for the blog being late.. is my fault I'm afraid...went to an 'impromtu' celebration' over at Jodies' house..for my eldest son's engagement to his beautiful lady,  and my middle son is possibly travelling to Bali (and beyond) with his lovely g/f :)

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