Tuesday, November 6, 2012

YAY We're Back!! (Day 260)

Hi Everyone! As you can see, our 'technical difficulties' seem to have been solved.  So..

Hey Mummy, can I show everyone who else I missed when I wasn't here for all those billionty-trillionty years?

I know!  Lets see if my fans can guess who I mean!
(But I'll give plenty of clues!!)

Clue Number 1 - She's a very good swimmer, (she'd have to be, cos I never see her out of the water!
Clue Number 2 - I'm looking in her direction, ahh here she comes!

Oh no, Yertl, don't get camera-shy NOW!! :(  OOOPS..I said her name..so no guesses needed now!!

Oh well, it's not really Yertl I missed the most anyways...(I was trickin' ya's), It's my Bro-In-Fur-YATTIE who I really missed!  :)  I'd get Mummy to put a pic up of Yattie here, but he's STILL hiding under the bed from the scary storms last night!! Oh well..maybe tomorrow :)

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