Saturday, May 12, 2012

But But Dat's Mine! (Day 83)

Yogi went out to the park today with his adopted sister. Apparently he was a true gentleman at the park making sure Ruby was protected. She's a little sweetie. I got home and he wasn't being so much of a gentleman. But, I think that was my fault. I forgot to make a fuss of him first. But, I couldn't help it Ruby is so cute. I rectified my error and gave him a massive pat and he seemed a bit happier then.
Until Ruby started chewing on the remnants of his rawhide bone which he'd ignored for days. So, he took that outside with him to make sure she couldn't have it. I took it away from him so he'd look at me for the photos. He was refusing to stand in the light. I did give it back afterwards. 

 First Ruby took it...
Then you took it...
*sigh* I have such a hard life.

I'm gonna cry.


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