Friday, May 11, 2012

Energiser Puppy (Day 82)

Yogi cracked me up yet again today. I was sitting outside in my writing nook - not writing but looking at a job site. He comes to the edge of the veranda and just stops and looks at me. It was just funny the way he bolted to the edge and stopped there to look at me. I called him over and had him jump up on the chair next to me for a pat. 
We know where Yogi thinks he belongs in my writing nook. That's right. On the table.
I need another 200 to get to 2000? 
I'm cuter than that. I should be more popular!

 Dis is my Animal from the Muppets
impersonation. Wo-Man! Wo-Man!

Hello, I am Don Juan Yogi.
You know you love me. 

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