Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Co-Dependant Cavachon (Day 94)

Such a dreary day today. 

I managed to go for a nice long walk this morning though. Around 2 hours all up as I was taking it slow. But, I thought to myself I used to walk home from school every day. So, I decided I should do it again. I couldn't find Yogi went I left not that I would have taken him anyway. Not until he can behave himself on the leash.

Winter is most definitely coming. Not my favourite time of year. But, still I do prefer it to summer. Yogi is starting to look shaggy again. But, he's seeing Lyn on Friday so she'll trim his face again. Probably better for him to be a bit shaggy in winter to keep him warm. He's naked at the moment. No coat. No bandanna. 
I need you.

 Don't leave me alone...

Do *NOT* leave me out here alone...
AGAIN! You hear me?


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