Thursday, May 24, 2012

It's Raining Puppies (Day 95)

What a terrible day outside. It's been pouring pretty constantly since I got up this morning. Yogi was full of beans when I got back from running Dad around this morning. He wanted to play play play! I came out of my room a couple of hours ago and he was curled up next to Katt in her room. His little head peeked over her hip and looked at me. "Are you going to the lounge Aunty Anne?" I stopped to go to the loo and found him sitting up at the window when I got down here. 
He has this creepy habit of resting his chin on the side of the armchair and just staring at me. He just stares. It's pretty un-nerving. If he hears Katt he'll lift his head to look in her direction for a moment and then swings back down to just stare at me. I much prefer it when he decides to come sit next to me on the couch. (My tiny desk is right next to the end of the couch) Then I can just reach over and give him a pat - without being stared at. 
It's bath day tomorrow! The great thing is that Lyn has a blow dryer meaning that Yogi will be nice and dry when she's finished. Although I wonder what her policy is when it's pouring with rain like today. I guess we'll find out tomorrow! 
Grumble. Grumble. Stupid Rain.
Stupid No Yogi it's raining so we can't go.

 Shuddup. I'm allowed to be 
Grouchy Bear once in a while.


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