Friday, May 25, 2012

I love my Washer Woman (Day 96)

It seems that every time Lyn comes to wash Yogi Katt has just run off to pick up Yogi.

Poor Yogi. He was so happy to see Lyn here and ran around trying to get out to her. He wasn't all that impressed with the bath but he loved it when she was using the blow dryer under his arms as that's his sweet spot. She could have done that all day.

Still, Katt got back just as she was leaving to find one very hyped up and clean puppy. Katt missed the best bit where Lyn tucked him under one arm and carried him back inside as she gave him a treat. He was hanging onto that treat for dear life until he got inside to chew it up.

What? You wash me? Give me a treat...
AND LEAVE?? Come back! I need loves!

What do you mean she's not coming back
for 4 weeks? I need her NOW! I gotta be all
fluffy for when you take me to the park tomorrow!


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