Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sir Chews A Lot (Day 93)

A few days ago I found a frisbee at home that has been sitting in a wardrobe for a few years. I thought oh I'll bring it back for Yogi. Heh. Heh. Heh. He loves it. He doesn't love it when he's got his paw on it and he can't pick it up. Watching him try and flip it so he can pick it up is pretty funny. 

He loves chasing after it and I think we might take it to the park next time we go. Yes, we're so mean. We didn't go today either as it looked horrid. Of course after we'd made the decision not to go - it was all sunshine and light outside. Still, there's always tomorrow. 

Take me to the park or...
the Pengin gets it! 

Park or Sir Chews A Lot makes a 
very unwelcome come back. 
You got that Mummy?


  1. Yeah, I think Pengin will make it through the night till we go the the P.A.R.K (hopefully) tomorrow :)