Thursday, May 17, 2012

We're not friends. Honest! (Day 88)

Katt's room is right next to mine and she keeps her door open for the animals in case you were wondering why I always seem to be peeking in there. It's usually so I can get Yogi out the back before he pees on *her* bed. (He's already peed on her floor. But Yattie threw up on the bed I guess he claimed it?)

So, I walked past this morning and couldn't resist. I sent Katt one of the photos because I didn't think she'd appreciate seeing herself splashed all over the Internet even if she was sleeping peacefully. Although, she did start to stir when I forgot to put the phone on silent and took a photo. I quickly flipped that over and continued with my peeping tom antics. But, trust me you would have too. There is no way you would have been able to resist. 

You all know of the feud between Yattie Da Evil Cat (I'm not using full real name coz he was named after a deli and if you found that you might find us. There's all sorts of crazies on the Internet. I should know I am one. I'm keeping a blog about a dog for a year.) and Yogi. I have regaled you with stories of the swiping paws. Weeelllllll.... I found out the truth this morning.

I wuv you Yattie. You're so warm to curl up with

What? We weren't! We didn't!
We would NEVER!

The way they moved away from each other when they realised I was there cracked me up. I had to run out of the room so I wouldn't wake Katt up with my laughing.


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